I am passionate about stakeholder engagement and dialogue that leads to reaching goals aligned to business and Government sustainability. Profit is an important goal for any business. However, this goal cannot be obtained without having conversations with key stakeholders. Dialogue with key stakeholders should therefore be an integral part of any business.

My career spans over 14 years. I worked in the legal profession, Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Department of Justice and Correctional Services, Law Society of South Africa and Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa. I was primarily responsible to provide strategic direction to regulatory and engagement plans, gather information, how to influence the legislative process and to whom and how to convey messages.

I have a Bachelors of Arts, a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Master of Commerce (specialising in Trade Law and Policy). I also have a diploma in Practical Legal Training, completed my articles of clerkship and was admitted as an Attorney of High Court in 2003.