Working together to build a better South Africa through coherent dialogue and effective networking.
Mission Statement
Bringing together Government, Civil Society and Business to talk about pertinent issues affecting each stakeholder with the aim of finding solutions.
Value Propositions

As we are living in a knowledge-based society, new discoveries are made almost daily. Whether it is a new product, the launching of a new business, etc, it will require a response or an intervention from our policy and law-makers. I provide specialized advice on how to engage this process, be it through:

  • Assisting with stakeholder management, developing engagement and regulatory strategies
  • Facilitating workshops, seminars and panel discussions
  • Obtaining information through engaging stakeholders (Government, Business and Civil Society) attending Parliamentary committee meetings and researching various content
  • Facilitate meetings with identified stakeholders.
  • Monitoring legislative developments
Thought Leadership & Public Advocacy
Through my opinion editorials (opeds) and videos, I raise awareness about issues with regard to the legislatures, constitution, bills and policies. Some issues I discussed related to the 1% Value- added Tax (VAT) increase in 2018 and expropriation of land without compensation.
I believe that my opeds and videos assist in creating a balanced narrative on current issues facing the country.
My five-minute videos affords the lay person with an opportunity to learn about what is happening in the policy and law-making sphere.. My opeds and videos are available on my website and Facebook page.