Working together to build a better South Africa through coherent dialogue and effective networking.
Mission Statement
Bringing together Government, Civil Society and Business to talk about pertinent issues affecting each stakeholder with the aim of finding solutions.
Value Propositions
We are living in a knowledge based society, where new discoveries are made almost daily. This requires a response or an intervention from our Policy and Lawmakers. I provide specialized advice on how to engage this process be it:
  • Assisting with or develop engagement and regulatory strategies.
  • Obtain information through engaging stakeholders (Government, Business and Civil Society) attending Parliamentary committee meetings and research various content.
  • Facilitate meetings with identified stakeholders.
  • Monitoring developments
Pro Bono
As a progressive professional activist from the Cape Flats, I work closely with the Blaq Pearl Foundation. The foundation seeks to uplift female youth from impoverished areas on the Cape Flats and surrounding areas. The aim is to equip these young ladies with life skills that will assist them in making informed decisions about issues affecting their lives.